Improve Your Property's Appearance With Roof Replacement Solutions

High-quality roof cleaning services in Winston Salem, NC, Granite Falls, NC and Roanoke, VA

To spruce up your lawn and property, you most likely clean your siding, porches and sidewalks. You may even clean out your flowerbeds and make sure weeds aren't taking over your yard. But, have you thought about cleaning your roof? The company you know and trust, the Roof Eraser, is now part of Roof Replacement Solutions. Treat your roof like any other yard chore, and hire the professionals at Roof Replacement Solutions for a thorough cleaning job. The patented low-pressure, chemical wash will clean growth from your roof and make it like new without spraying the grit from your asphalt shingle

Three reasons you need to clean your roof

Our contractors will remove debris from rooftops, drains, gutters and downspouts.

Our low pressure, mild chemical cleaning solutions:

  1. Prevent wood from rotting - Roof algae, lichens and moss can eat through your shingles and cause wood to rot.
  2. Remove stains, moss and other materials - Eliminating stains, mold, leaves and moss from your roof and gutters will give your property a polished, healthy look.
  3. Restore the beauty of your property - A clean roof and gutter system will help to increase your property's curb appeal and resale value.

Schedule our roof cleaning services, call 855-537-3682 today. We'll have your property looking like brand new in no time.

Commercial Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Let The Experts Take Care of Your Roof!

    •Maintain your flat roofing system warranty with annual or bi-annual maintenance.

    •Keep drains and scuppers free-flowing to prevent ponding.

    •Prevent tears in the roofing membrane from foreign debris.

    •Prevent early corrosion of the membrane from grease and chemical accumulation.

    •Identify and repair minor problems before they become major ones.