Roofing Prices, Clemmons, NC

There are several reasons why roofing prices can be different from one contractor to the next.

Have you ever wondered why roofing prices seem to fall into such a wide range when you get estimates from local roofers in the Clemmons, North Carolina area? It might seem that if two companies are offering the same type of roofing material, their roofing prices should be pretty close to one another. At Roof Replacement Solutions, we can help you understand why they can actually differ by quite a bit. Here are the factors that come into play when developing a quote for your replacement roof.

Roofing Prices in Clemmons, North Carolina

  • Experience of installers- A company with skilled installers knows that it takes less time for them to install a roof. Since labor costs are a big part of the overhead for a roofing company, this can significantly affect roofing prices quoted.
  • Experience of inspector- If you have received two different roofing prices that are vastly apart, it can be because one inspector has missed key factors about the project, such as multiple layers of roofing that must be removed, excess wood needed because of damage, and other situations. If you go with the lower quote, there is a good chance they’ll catch their mistake later and charge you accordingly.
  • Actual material used- The price that the roofing company pays for the materials factors into their quote. If you get a low quote, it could mean that they aren’t using the quality of materials that you are expecting. The company’s buying power can also factor in, as well.

You can rest assured that we will always provide you with the best roofing prices that we can offer without putting ourselves out of business or sacrificing the quality of your roofing project. You can have confidence that you won’t face a huge invoice that is above our quote, as we always make our quotes all-inclusive, meaning we include pipe boots, vents, flashing, and ten sheets of wood. We also provide you with a five-year no-leak installation warranty for workmanship and a lifetime shingle warranty. Call today with any questions that you might have about our roofing prices.

At Roof Replacement Solutions, we offer estimates for roofing prices to those in Clemmons, High Point, Lexington, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.