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Many factors will affect the average cost of a new roof.

When your roof is starting to age, is damaged beyond repairs or you need a roof for your new construction property, there are many things that you will want to consider about the installation of a new roof. Here at Roof Replacement Solutions, we want to help you get the right roof for your needs. There are many things to consider when looking at your roofing options, the average cost of a new roof being one of them. A new roof can be anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 depending on many different factors. Here are a few things that can affect the average cost of a new roof:

Average Cost of New Roof in Roanoke, Virginia

  • Materials- Just like with anything else in life, there are differences in quality and differences in price. When you choose a better material, you are going to get a higher price tag. There are usually quality options in every price point, so it’s important to talk to our experts at Roof Replacement Solutions to find the best option for your budget.
  • Size- Larger roofs are going to take more time and more materials, and therefore will have a higher price associated with your new roof.
  • Complexity of Roofline. A straightforward roof with an average pitch is going to cost less than a roof with many different angles and steep pitches. Part of this is because it takes longer to roof, and part of the cost is because steep roof lines can sometimes require many trips to haul shingles and extra safety precautions.
  • Extras on the Roof. When you are dealing with a roof that has a lot of repairs needed or skylights or chimneys to work around, you are going to pay more than you would for a roof that is straight and in good condition.

These are just some of the factors that go into the average cost of a new roof. For a quote on your own roof in the Roanoke, Virginia area, please contact us at Roof Replacement Solutions today.

At Roof Replacement Solutions, we can give estimates on the average cost of a new roof in Roanoke, Virginia, as well as Clemmons, High Point, Lexington, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.