TPO Roofing: The Growing Trend for Flat Roofs

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Here at Roof Replacement Solutions, we offer reliable, solid options for all types of roofs. When it comes to flat roofs, it is particularly important to find a durable solution as more traditional shingle roofs don’t offer the same degree of protection. This is where TPO roofing is growing in popularity.

TPO Roofing: The Growing Trend for Flat Roofs

What is TPO roofing? TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. It is made of a mixture of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber and is produced for roofing in a large, single-ply sheet prior to installation.

The benefits of TPO roofing are many. Looking at cost, many are attracted to TPO roofing because it generally lower in cost when compared to other roofing materials. In addition to being budget-friendly, TPO roofing is estimated to have a lifespan of 22 to 30 years. In terms of durability, TPO roofing is known for being puncture resistant, and due to its welded joints, is a very durable roofing option. Additionally, TPO roofing is popular because it is energy efficient, less prone to mildew, and eco-friendly.

Even with the attractive qualities TPO roofing offers, this does not mean it will be the best choice for your roof. It is best to have a professional evaluation before deciding on a material. Reach out to our expert team at Roof Replacement Solutions today, so we can help you decide if TPO roofing or another option is the best for your particular roofing needs.