Which Roof Cleaning System Works Best for Roof Algae?

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You do everything you can to keep your home looking nice, but one day you pull into your driveway and see it: roof algae. Those telltale dark streaks are indicative of natural growth on your roof. Your main concern might be a loss in curb appeal; however, if left untreated, roof algae could cause bigger damage down the road. With the right roof cleaning system, though, this is a very easy fix.

Which Roof Cleaning System Works Best for Roof Algae?

Roof algae may look unsightly, but this growth is very common, especially in warm, moist climates. There are different types of roof growth in these climates, including lichen and moss, but algae are characterized by black streaks. Algae thrive in the moisture on your roof, and spores are often carried by the wind from neighboring roofs.

If you allow the algae to grow, it could cause a headache in the future. In the short-term, it’s an issue of the aesthetic, but it could affect your home’s resale value as well. Long-term, untreated algae growth can rot roofs and lead to water damage.

At Roof Replacement Solutions, we use a low-pressure wash that is safe and effective at getting rid of roof algae. We are so confident that we can remove and prevent future algae growth that we offer a three-year guarantee.

When you are ready to clean your roof, give us a call. Our experts would be happy to discuss the best roof cleaning system to get your roof back to its original appearance.