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We are experienced with a variety of roofing materials and provide various roofing services.

Just because something is new doesn’t mean you can sit back and have complete faith it will perform for decades with no attention on your part. You don’t purchase a new car and then assume it never needs maintenance, for example. The same is true with new roofing. Yes, today’s high-quality roofing materials have exceptional lifespans, but that doesn’t mean you should never have your roof inspected or cleaned. At Roof Replacement Solutions, we provide a variety of roofing services in the High Point, North Carolina area with the primary goal of giving your home the roofing services it needs to remain well-protected from the elements in the years ahead.

Roofing in High Point, North Carolina

We recommend an annual inspection of your home’s roofing, as well as one after severe weather, even if your roofing isn’t very old. Just as your new car can become scratched or dented, a roof can also be affected by weather, and the damage might not always be evident. There could also have been an error made during installation that was overlooked during the final inspection, or there might be a manufacturer defect that needs to be corrected. It is far better to learn about such a situation while your warranty is still in effect.

We are experienced with a variety of roofing materials, including shingle roofing, flat roofs, and TPO and EPDM roofs, which are typically used on commercial buildings. Our services include installation, replacement, cleaning, gutter services, and roofing repairs. Let us know if you suspect a problem or have other questions about roofing you need addressed.

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