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Our roof construction services are handled by skilled and experienced technicians.

The roof on top of any type of structure provides protection against the elements and prevents pests and wildlife from infiltrating the interior space. But when your roof is in disrepair or has been damaged, it can no longer function properly, leading to an increased risk of moisture damage and other safety concerns. At Roof Replacement Solutions, we provide roof construction services to commercial and residential clients located in Roanoke, Virginia and much of the surrounding area. Our roof construction services are handled by skilled and experienced technicians.

Roof Construction in Roanoke, Virginia

You may need roof construction if you’re building a new home or business and want to be sure that the roof is properly installed. Roof construction is also essential when a roof has reached the end of its functional lifespan or has been severely damaged. We have experience with shingle roofs, as well as EPDM and TPO roofs for commercial clients. If you have a flat roof that accumulates water or has other issues, talk to us about options. We can apply a coating that prevents moisture from penetrating the surface, protecting your building’s interior from ongoing water damage concerns.

When performing a roofing job, we always use high-quality materials and deliver reasonable roofing prices. Along with roof construction, we’re also available to take care of roof repair and gutter services. Our goal is to provide a better roofing experience for each client, and we achieve this goal by providing transparent, competitive pricing, excellent craftmanship, and a five-year no-leak guarantee after the job is complete.

At Roof Replacement Solutions, we offer roof construction services to those in Roanoke, Virginia, as well as Clemmons, High Point, Lexington, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.